Stroke Development & Water Safety

icon time Class Information:

Recommended completion of Early Learning and Water Safety or equivalent

Lesson Duration: 30 minutes

Class Size: 5

icon time Program Philosophy

Starting from 4 years old, the Stroke Development and Water Safety program is all about taking a child’s confidence and independence in the water and putting it towards developing a basic understanding of the freestyle and backstroke swimming techniques.

The Stroke Development Program is a skills-based program which is not limited by age. We have established three exciting levels in this program to encourage independence and enjoyment. In these levels, they will learn and build upon their freestyle and backstroke technique, as well as learning important water safety skills such as back floating, sculling and treading water.


Sea Lion

Sea Lion

Learning Aims:

  • 10m Freestyle with a kickboard
  • 10m Backstroke with a kickboard
  • Independent Star floats and Mushroom Floats


Learning Aims:

  • 10m Freestyle
  • 10m Backstroke
  • 10m Sculling


Learning Aims:

  • 15m Freestyle
  • 15m Backstroke
  • 7.5m Butterfly Kick
  • Tread water for 30 seconds