Aquababies - From 4 Months

icon time Class Information:

Starting Age:
Tadpole – 4-6 months old
Jellyfish – 6-18 months old
Octopus – 18-24 months old

Lesson Duration:
30 minutes (20 minutes for Tadpoles)

Class Size: 8

icon time Program Philosophy

Starting from 4 months old, the Aquababies program is all about getting your child comfortable in the water in a nurturing environment full of games and songs! We believe there are many benefits to introducing a child to the water at a young age, including water familiarisation, development of motor skills and most importantly, creating a social environment for your child to interact with others.

We recognise and support the special bond that exists between parent and child. We therefore believe that parents make the best teachers for their young infant. All Aquababies classes require the parent to be in the water with their child because not only will it be safer, it will also promote the healthy and comforting environment we strive for.




Learning Aims:

  • The main aim for this class is to ensure the parent is comfortable holding their child in the water, and to expose the child to the water in a quieter and more controlled environment.



Learning Aims:

  • I am really enjoying my swimming lessons
  • I can sit on the side of the pool and fall in safely
  • I can now go under water happily


Learning Aims:

  • I can climb in and out of the pool safely
  • I can stand on the side of the pool and jump in safely
  • I can swim by myself with my floaties on
  • I can now do a star float with my floaties on